Find out why Tsunami families keep coming back year after year.

Tsunami Swimming, an Amateur Athletic Organization recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3), is committed to providing a safe, healthy, and supportive environment for all of its athletes.  Tsunami's top priority if keeping our swimmers safe.  No form of abuse has a place in our club.  The USA Swimming Code of Conduct and SafeSport policies enable Tsunami Swimming to accomplish its goals of affording children the opportunities:
  • to learn and participate in the sport of swimming,
  • to participate in swimming competition at all levels,
  • to learn about good nutrition and its importance in competitive sports,
  • to participate in instructional, as well as competitive swimming, regardless of income, and
  • to learn new skills and self-discipline.

Tsunami Swimming was formed in 2001 by a volunteer advisory committee as a non-profit swimming outreach program. Outreach programs are designed to pull individuals into the sport of swimming who might not otherwise have the opportunity to participate. Tsunami Swimming does this by:

Tsunami's programs include:

  • Competitive Swim Team - Year-round age group swimming for ages 4-18 headed by Coach Peter Maloney. We compete in the Virginia Swimming LSC and are a Level 2 club with USA Swimming.
  • Swim & Stay Fit - An hour-long workout available once or twice a week in six-week sessions. Ages 5 through adult.
  • Learn to Swim - Half-hour swimming lessons designed to teach basic strokes and confidence. Ages 5 through adult.
  • Masters Swimming - For adults over 18, hone your skills and improve your conditioning with daily workouts.
  • RSL Stroke Clinic - A one-week program that gives Summer League swimmers a head-start to their season with an intensive review of all four competitive strokes, starts, and turns.
  • High School Warm-Up - Are those high school practices so crowded you can barely swim? Not getting enough individual attention? This program allows high school swimmers to start their training early and receive the extra attention they deserve.

Scholarship / Financial Assistance Program

As part of its outreach effort, Tsunami Swimming offers need-based financial assistance for all of its programs. The US Federal Poverty Level Guidelines for the National School Lunch Program are used to establish need. Currently, this amount is a 50% reduction in fees for families at 185% of the federal poverty level (reduced price school lunch criteria) and a 75% reduction in fees for families at 130% of the federal poverty level (free school lunch criteria).

In 2018 Tsunami Swimming was awarded grants from Virginia Swimming to provide free or very low cost ($5) instruction in both the Learn to Swim and Swim and Stay Fit programs for qualifying families. In cases of extreme hardship the $5 fee can be waived.

Swimmers who qualify for either grant or for Tsunami’s financial assistance also receive free suits and reduced USAS registration for team swimmers.

If you know of any families who do not participate in swim programs because of the cost, please share this information with them. And if you are interested in contributing to the scholarship program, all donations are tax-deductible.

To date, Tsunami Swimming has provided financial assistance to over 100 individuals.

Board of Directors:

Tsunami Swimming is run by a volunteer Board that oversees the head coach and team finances. Read more about the Board here.

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Tsunami Swimming is a Safe Sport Recognized Club

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