Tsunami Swimming competed in a dual meet against the Rappahannock Raiders on September 28. It took place at St. Michaels School in Fredericksburg. While we didn't win the meet, everyone had a lot of fun and as a team we only had two DQs, which is an excellent way to start the season. In total, two individual and three relay team records were broken.

Congratulations to our individual record breaker Ryan McOsker, who set new team records in the Boys 8 & Under 25 Breast (21.42) and 100 IM (1:29.02).

Our relay record breakers were:

8 & Younger 100 Yards Medley Relay 1:50.27 1st Place (I. Gibson, A. Labrusciano, M. Medei, A. Covert)

9-10 Girls 200 Yards Medley Relay 2:45.32 1st Place (G. Fino, K. Fidler, A. Luce, A. Luce)

13-14 Girls 200 Yards Medley Relay 2:07.09 2nd Place (A. McOsker, A. Slominski, C. Wolfgang, C. Banzon)

Other Top-3 relay performances:

11-12 Girls 200 Yards Medley Relay 2:17.22 1st Place (A. Cook, R. Lott, J. Ryniewicz, R. Cowden)

Senior 200 Yards Medley Relay 2:15.16 1st Place (S. Light, C. Forjan, A. Slominski, S. Harrington)

Senior Boys 200 Yards Medley Relay 1:54.24 1st Place (J. Stephens, N. Lott, C. Bradshaw, S. McOsker),

9-10 Girls 200 Yards Free Relay 2:27.48 1st Place (A. Luce, G. Fino, K. Fidler, A. Luce)

11-12 Girls 200 Yards Free Relay 2:02.56 1st Place (A. Cook, R. Lott, R. Cowden, J. Ryniewicz)

Senior Boys 200 Yards Free Relay 1:43.05 1st Place (J. Talkington, S. McOsker, C. Bradshaw, N. Lott)

Other swimmers who placed in the top three in their events:

Chris Bradswaw B(16) 50 Yards Breast 39.67 2nd Place.

Abigail Cook G(12) 50 Yards Back 33.45 2nd Place, 50 Yards Free 29.97 2nd Place, 100 Yard IM 1:17.24.

Rachel Cowden G(12) 50 Yard Breast 41.82 1st Place, 50 Yard Fly 33.00 2nd Place, 100 Yard IM 1:15.31 2nd Place.

Charlotte Denecke G(11) 50 Yard Breast 47.26 3rd Place.

Grace Fino G(10) 50 Yard Back 43.13 3rd Place.

Connor Forjan G (16) 50 Yard Free 28.54 2nd Place, 50 Yard Breast 38.60 3rd Place.

Isabella Gibson G(7) 25 Yard Breast 32.14 2nd Place, 25 Yard Fly 28.62 3rd Place.

Ciara Graves G(9) 50 Yard Fly 48.34 2nd Place.

Anna Labrusciano G(8) 25 Yard Fly 21.49 1st Place, 25 Yard Back 23.43 1st Place, 25 Breast 26.56 1st Place.

Sydney Light (16) 50 Yard back 50 Yard Back 33.192nd Place.

Nye Lott B(17) 50 Yard Free 24.00 1st Place, 50 Yard back 28.05 2nd Place, 100 Yard IM 1:01.07 2nd Place.

Rhianon Lott G(12) 50 Yard Breast 43.69 2nd Place.

Annaka Luce G(10) 50 Yard Fly 41.13 1st Place, 50 Yard Free 33.07 1st Place, 100 Yard IM 1:26.761st Place.

Ashely Luce G(10) 50 Yard Breast 45.71 1st Place, 50 Yard back 41.32 2nd Place.

Michael Luce B(10) 50 Yard Fly 44.74 1st Place, 50 Yard Breast 51.15 1st Place, 50 yard Free 1st Place.

Patrick McOsker B(7) 25 Yard Free 33.30 3rd Place.

Ryan McOsker B(8) 25 Yard Fly 17.17 1st Place, New Team Record, 25 Yard Breast 21.42 1st Place, New Team Record, 100 Yard IM 1:29.02

Sean McOsker B(15) 50 Yard Breast 33.95 50 Yard Fly 31.06 3rd Place, 50 Yard Free 25.89 3rd Place.

Mihail Mihaylov B(10) 50 Yard Back 42.15 2nd Place, 50 yard Breast 53.89 3rd Place, 50 Yard Free 38.02 3rd Place.

Leigha Montrief G(9) 100 Yard IM 1:57.25 3dr Place.

Jenni Ryniewicz G(12) 50 yard Free 29.08 1st Place, 50 yard Back 34.23 3rd Place, 50 yard fly 33.46 3rd place

Click here for the full meet results.Click here for the full meet results.

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