Swim Meet Information

Heather Crampton sends out meet invitations for each meet 2-4 weeks before that meet to the parents. These have information on who qualifies to attend, location, times, dates, directions and other specifics. Swimmers and their parents choose which meets, they will attend. The coaches can guide you in these decisions, and will recommend meets that would be best for your swimmer. All swimmers must swim three meets, of which, one must be a Championship meet.

Swimmers are encouraged to swim a wide variety of events at meets. This is one of the great things about age group swimming. If your swimmer swims in summer league, high school and maybe college, they will probably have a "best" stroke or event, and will swim just that stroke or event all of the time. Age group swimmers are encourage to learn how to swim all of the strokes and events. Many swimmers find that the stroke they hate when they are 8 becomes their favorite at age 12.

USA Swimming Registration
All swimmers who wish to compete at meets must be registered with VA Swimming and USA Swimming. Starting in 2022, you will register with USA Swimming directly.

Meet Fees:

Each host team charges $8-10 per swimmer per event. Championship meets cost more. These fees will be charged to your meet fee account.  When you sign up for a meet please pre-pay. Estimate meet fees at $30-$40 per day per swimmer, Tsunami swimming must pay these fees to the host team before the meet deadline, if you sign up for the meet and don’t attend you still have to pay for those events. You will receive an account statement periodically which will show actual charges, payments, and credit or balance due for team fees, meet fees, scrip fees etc. Swim & Stay Fit swimmers can also attend meets with our team, but their meet fees are doubled for each competition.

Upcoming meets:

Contact Coach Pete to let him know if you want your swimmers registered for any meets by the deadlines listed below. 

**All meet dates and venues are subject to change.  Meets may be added to or removed from this schedule. 




September 24 – 25

Hanover Aquatics Meet

Jeff Rouse SSC

October 7 – 9

SwimRVA Blastoff


October 29 – 30

Loughmiller Memorial hosted by FXFX

Colgan High School, Prince William County

November 11 – 13

PWSC Invitational

Jeff Rouse SSC

December 9 - 11

HOKI Winter Invitational

Christiansburg Aquatic Center

December 18

Intrasquad meet/IMR ??

St. Michael’s

January 6 – 8



January 21 – 22

Hanover Invitational

Jeff Rouse SSC

January 27 – 29

USA Swimming IMX**qualifying times needed

University of Maryland

February 17 – 19

District Championship (12 and under)

Jeff Rouse SSC

February 24 – 26

Regionals Championship (13 and older)

Jeff Rouse SSC

March 2 – 5

Senior Championships **qualifying times needed (13 and older)


March 9 – 12

Age Group Championships **qualifying times needed (14 and under)

Hampton, VA

March 24 – 26

SwimRVA Open


April 1 – 2

Potomac Marlins Earth Day Rumble (10 and under only)

Colgan HS, Prince William

April 15 – 16

Virginia Swimming House of Delegates Meeting


April 28 – 30

Rays Helen Wang Meet (Long Course meet)

Jeff Rouse SSC

May 6 – 7

BASS Open (Long Course meet)


May 19 – 21

Hanover Open (Long Course meet)

Jeff Rouse SSC

May 26

Last Practice of Short Course Season Contract


June 4 – 5

Summer Solstice hosted by FXFX

George Mason University

June 16 – 18

Winchester Invitational (Long Course meet)

Jim Barnett Park, Winchester

July 7 – 9

Summer Awards (Long Course meet)

Jeff Rouse SSC

July 13 – 16

Senior Championships **qualifying times needed (13 and older)

Liberty University, Lynchburg

July 20 – 23

Age Groups **qualifying times needed (12 and under)

Christiansburg Aquatic Center

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