To help offset the cost of the pool rental and coaches’ travel expenses, team families commit to raising $200.00 in funds each year for the first swimmer, and $40.00 for each additional swimmer.  This is in addition to your team contract fees and meet fees. 

Any money accumulated above the $200.00 commitment, is shared 50/50 with the family and Tsunami Swimming Scholarship fund The remaining amount is placed in the family’s account and can be used to offset the family’s team contract fees, meet fees, or any other fees incurred.

Three ways to fulfill the fundraising obligation:

  1. Purchase/sell Attractions Books.  $5 of each sale counts towards the $200.  See Coach Pete for these at the beginning of the season.
  2. Pay the entire fundraising total outright.
  3. Purchase gift cards through the Great Lake Scrip Center (GLSC program), referred to as SCRIPs.   A percentage of each gift card purchase will go towards offsetting your fundraising total.  The percentage is determined by the retailer; not all percentages are the same.
    • For example - You purchase a $100 Sheetz Gift Card.  The return on the Sheetz card is 3%.  That means that $3 goes towards your $200 obligation; you now owe $197.  You also purchase a $100 Old Navy gift card.  The return on Old Navy is 14%.  That means $14 goes towards your $200 obligation; you now owe $183.
  4. You may also meet your fundraising goal by using a combination of any of the above 3 methods.

GLSC/SCRIPs Program - How it works: 

  1.  The website for SCRIPs is  Once you navigate to the website, click on “Family Sign Up”.  The team enrollment number is:  4C3347f11L595.

  1.  Mobile App -  This can be found in the Apple APP store or on Google Play.  All shopwithscrip sign-in and payment information transfers to the new app.

What is SCRIPs:  SCRIPs is a gift card program that passes along a certain percentage of the card value to the team.  There are over 700 participating retailers.  Visit to view a complete list and enroll.  You may either purchase hard/physical gift cards from the SCRIPs coordinator or create a PrestoPay account through the website and use your phone/computer to make purchases.

Ordering and Payment Options:

  1. Special order for gift cards:  The coordinator places all “physical” gift card orders.  If you wish to purchase a physical gift card that is not in stock, full payment, either in cash or check must be made payable Tsunami Swimming to prior to the ordering of the card.  Due to shipping costs, the profit for a group order must exceed the estimated shipping cost of $7.50.

  2. PrestoPay - The team would prefer that all physical gift cards, reloads, and Scripnow orders be paid for via PrestoPay.  Once your scrip account is active, you can sign up for PrestoPay.  It takes about 3 days to complete the sign up process.  Having a PrestoPay account also gives you the freedom of placing an order whenever you would like for cards, gift card reloading or scrips-wallet.  The only fee is a $0.15 processing fee each time you place an order.  See the coordinator for help.  **Any orders for physical gift cards placed using PrestoPay will not be placed until it is approved and “released” for order by the coordinator.

  3. You may also use Visa and Mastercard as payment for online orders.  A 2.6% fee will be added to your order total each time you place an order and pay with a credit card.  Credit card payments should be processed through the shopwithscrip website.

The coordinator must release all online orders UNLESS you have opted for “e-cards”.  

*If you do not want to wait for a physical gift cards, Scripsnow offers printable e-cards.  This is the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to purchase scrip.  The e-cards work exactly like a traditional gift card. You may print them out from a computer or use them on your cell phone.

Insufficient funds/returned checks:  

PrestoPay payments are made to GLSC on behalf of Tsunami Swimming.  If a payment is returned or rejected for any reason, one of the following actions will be taken:

  1. If the family order has not been released by Tsunami, GLSC will cancel the order and charge Tsunami a bank charge of $30.00.  The family will then owe Tsunami the $30.00 fee.  
  2. If the family order has been released by Tsunami, GLSC will charge Tsunami for the face value of your order, plus a bank charge of $30.00.  The family will then owe Tsunami that full amount. 

In-stock Scrips:

The Scrip Coordinator carries an assortment of cards on the pool deck.  The cards purchased on deck can be paid for by either cash or check payable to Tsunami Swimming.  Please pay for scrip purchases separate from any meet/program fees.  The Scrip coordinator keeps track of how much scrip each family purchases, and how much “profit” has been raised by the purchases.  **Due to COVID-19 restrictions and schedules, please contact me to make arrangements if you are in need of specific hard/physical gift cards. 

Tsunami Volunteer Scrip coordinator:
Karen Tiberio
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
540.273.7439 (cell) or 540.898.8386 (home)

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