Tsunami has a team store set up through swimoutlet (a provider of swim equipment); a percentage of the sales will be returned to our team.  **Even though only Speedo items are featured in the team store, you CAN purchase any other brand of item and the team will still earn credit as long as you order through our specific team link.   
**When ordering, note that some items are "junior" (good for those 12 and under swimmers).   Prescription goggles are available (listed as optical goggles). 

swim outlet team gear

swim outlet custom items

Required equipment for practices: **Please label all equipment with swimmer's name!

  • Novice - pull buoy, long fins, goggles, practice suit, water bottle
  • Intermediate - pull buoy, long fins, head snorkel (front facing with drain tube), goggles, practice suit, water bottle
  • Junior, & Senior - pull buoy, short fins, snorkel with drain tube (preferable), hand paddles, goggles, practice suit, water bottle

Optional equipment for practices - all levels:

  • kickboard (are available for use at the practice site, but some swimmers like to have their own)
  • swim caps
  • mesh equipment bag (holds goggles, cap, fins, pull buoy, etc.)
  • nose clip
**Each team swimmer will receive a team shirt and team cap, included in the registration fee. 

Swim Meet attire:


  • Swimmers are REQUIRED to wear a TEAM CAPS when competing in a swim meet; if a swimmer wears a cap with a different logo, he/she may be disqualified from that swim.  
  • Additional team caps are $12 each.  These are silicone caps.  Complete the order form link & we will get these to you.
  • Personalized team caps are $32 for a set of 2 caps.  These are silicone caps.
    **If ordering a personalized team cap, a minimum order of 2 caps is required.  Most swimmers have last names printed on the cap, but first names are allowed. 
    • The deadline to order caps is Tuesday, September 19, 2023 at 8:00 pm.  Caps take about 3 weeks to ship.
    • Personalized caps will only be ordered once at the beginning of the season.    
    • Payment is due at the time of cap delivery (about 3 weeks after the order is placed).  Cash or checks made payable to Tsunami Swimming is accepted.  Payment through the Commit site using a credit card is also acceptable (you must pay all fees associated with the cc payment).


  • It is preferred that swimmers wear a "team suit" to meets.  If you wish to purchase a team suit, you may do so through Gary @ Sport Fair (703-524-9500). These suits are black Speedo suits with the team logo on either the front (female) or leg (male).
  • If your swimmer opts to not wear a team suit, make sure it DOES NOT have another team logo on it (the brand names are acceptable).  Females CANNOT wear tie-back suits in a meet; males should wear either jammers or briefs.  Solid black or red are good colors, as they are our team colors.

A representative from Sport Fair will be at practice (during the first month) to assist with sizing if any parents are interested in purchasing team suits.  Date TBD.

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