Competitive Team Registration

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The 2022-23 Short Course Season begins September 6, 2022.

Starting in 2022, all families must register online, but can choose the Offline Payment option to pay by check. To register, click on the practice group name (in red) to see your payment options and additional details.

Sign-up for swimmer evaluations here.

Register all of your swimmers with one full payment! Sibling discounts ($40) will be automatically added to each additional swimmer after the first registrant. The Pay-in-full discount is also automatically included. Fees have been pro-rated as of January 2023.

Registration Fee: $50.00
Fee: See details

Sign up of your swimmers in one go and divide your fee into convenient monthly payments. Please note that the first payment will process immediately, then once each month for 4 total months (pro-rated as of February 2023).

Registration Fee: $50.00
Duration: 1 month
Fee: See details


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