It's been a long, difficult year for everyone. But summer is here, and Tsunami Swimming is pleased to announce a special summer session of Learn to Swim!

The pool heater at Fredericksburg Academy has broken, so all Tsunami programs and practice are cancelled for Sunday, March 7, 2021 and Monday, March 8, 2021.

Makeups will be help next Sunday and Monday, March 14-15, for Swim & Stay Fit and Learn to Swim. Swim & Stay Fit program participants can also make up missed classes during the week, just let Coach Pete know when you'll be coming.

The pool heater at Fredericksburg Academy broke just after Christmas. While it has since been repaired, the pool has not yet reheated to a suitable temperature for swimming lessons. Because of this, we are cancelling Learn to Swim for today, Sunday, January 10th. Please read on for additional details for Swim & Stay Fit and the competitive team:

For all Tsunami programs and practices at Fredericksburg Academy, please see the below notes and diagram for how to drop off and pick-up your swimmers. You may also park in the designated areas and accompany your swimmer to and from the pool, but we request that you wait in your car during the practice/session. As a reminder, masks are required while on deck.

Tsunami Swimming will return to Fredericksburg Academy starting in September. Due to COVID-19, there will be some new rules in place for all parents and swimmers:

  1. The front lobby and locker rooms are off limits.
  2. Swimmers must enter and exit the pool from the side doors only.
  3. Swimmers must arrive dressed to swim and change at home, no deck changing is allowed. 
  4. Parents must observe social distancing while on deck and remain in the car during practice.
  5. Masks are required on deck at all times except while in the water.

Returning parents will have priority until September 2nd, then all remaining spots will be open to new swimmers. All swimmers who have been in any of our programs are considered to be returning.

Please join us for a virtual parents meeting at 7:00PM on Tuesday, September 1st. Join here: or use the button below to add the event to your calendar:

Like you, we've missed the pool over the past few months. With competitions and summer league cancelled, we're excited to bring you the chance to work out outdoors for a few weeks this summer!

Following guidelines from the Governor of Virginia and Virginia Swimming, we will be taking special precautions to keep our swimmers and their families safe.

This 45-minute class is limited to 10 swimmers per session, with a max of 2 swimmers per lane who will be starting on opposite ends.

Tsunami Swimming is back in the water for the Summer! Under the guidelines from the Governor of Virginia, Virginia Swimming, and USA Swimming, we are carefully conducting practices at two locations this Summer. While most spots have been spoken for, further opening up may allow us to take more swimmers at a time. Please contact Coach Pete if you haven't already to reserve your spot at one of the pools. A few reminders as we get back into the water:

  • Masks are required on deck at all times
  • Remember to maintain social distancing of 6ft
  • Locker rooms remain closed - change in/out of your suit at home (no deck changing allowed)
  • Ensure you have signed the Summer contract & the Hold Harmless Clause for COVID-19

We're all in this together, and we're so excited to see you back at the pool!


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