Looking for some swim equipment to close out 2017? All items listed below are on sale on Sundays from 4-6 pm now through December 3rd at Fredericksburg Academy. It's a great time to get some deals!

Male Jammers Regular Price $25 Sale Price $19
        Sizes 22-38
Female Practice Suits Regular Price $35 Sale Price $29 Prints -- $25 Solids         
        Sizes 22-40 
All T-shirts and Parents Polo Shirts $10
        Limited sizes
Attractions Dining and Value Guide $25
        $5 goes towards your scrip fees. 
Front Snorkel $19
Caps and Goggles $9-10
Equipment Bags
        Sizes 11-13 and 13-15 only 
Youth Pull Buoy $8
Tsunami Baseball Caps $10

small for sale goggles   small for sale goggles

small for sale goggles   small for sale goggles

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