Like you, we've missed the pool over the past few months. With competitions and summer league cancelled, we're excited to bring you the chance to work out outdoors for a few weeks this summer!

Following guidelines from the Governor of Virginia and Virginia Swimming, we will be taking special precautions to keep our swimmers and their families safe.

This 45-minute class is limited to 10 swimmers per session, with a max of 2 swimmers per lane who will be starting on opposite ends.


register online 1Monday-Thursday (Friday is our make up date)
Cost: $85 for 8 classes
Time: 10:00 AM–10:45 AM  or   10:50 AM-11:35 AM
Location: Ferry Farm Pool

Session 1:  July 6-9 & July 13-16
Session 2:  July 20-23 & July 27-30
Session 3: August 3-6 & August 10-13 *NEW*

Please note:

We require all swimmers and parents to wear masks while on deck and observe social distancing.

The locker rooms will be closed during practice - change in and out of swim suits at home only. No deck changing allowed.

There is a 5-minute buffer between classes. Please do not come onto the pool deck until it's time to get in the water.

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