For all Tsunami programs and practices at Fredericksburg Academy, please see the below notes and diagram for how to drop off and pick-up your swimmers. You may also park in the designated areas and accompany your swimmer to and from the pool, but we request that you wait in your car during the practice/session. As a reminder, masks are required while on deck.

  1. There is only one entrance onto campus. All traffic needs to enter here.
  2. There is parking available behind the Sports Center and Upper School for parents to park and then walk their swimmer(s) to the door. Additional parking is available along Academy Drive, parents will need to be aware that they will need to exit along the appropriate path. These spots are indicated by Red boxes
  3. The Yellow box is part of active carpool lanes. Parents should not stop to let swimmer(s) out here as one lane may not be stopped while the other is. (Think of this like the HOV lanes on I-95, would you let your kids out of the car there?)
  4. The door closest to the shed/dumpster should be used for entrance only, and  the other door near Academy Drive will be used as our exit only. This will reduce contact between the groups and allow for traffic around the pool to be less chaotic.

tsu drop off and pick up

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