Registration is now open for all of Tsunami Swimming's programs for the 2017-18 season, which runs September through May at Fredericksburg Academy. You can find the programs in the menu above, or follow the links below:

  • Swim & Stay Fit - An hour-long workout available once or twice a week in six-week sessions. Ages 5 through adult.
  • Learn to Swim - Half-hour swimming lessons designed to teach basic strokes and confidence. Ages 5 through adult.
  • Masters Swimming - For adults over 18, hone your skills and improve your conditioning with daily workouts.
  • High School Warm-Up - Are those high school practices so crowded you can barely swim? Not getting enough individual attention? This program allows high school swimmers to start their training early and receive the extra attention they deserve.
  • RSL Stroke Clinic - A one-week program that gives Summer League swimmers a head-start to their season with an intensive review of all four competitive strokes, starts, and turns.

We hope that you will join us this season!

Interested in year-round swimming? Join Tsunami's Competitve Team! Practice starts Monday, September 12. See you then!

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Please support our efforts to provide low-cost and free swimming lessons and equipment to children in our community!