High School Warm-Up is a great program for high school students that want a head-start for their season. Beginning in September, this eight-week program helps high school swimmers prepare in an individualized environment for those swiftly-arriving high school swim meets.

Most schools only have a month of practice before their first competition, but by participating in Tsunami's program, high schoolers will have extra time to get their feel for the water back ahead of the rest. Stroke technique and conditioning are the main focuses of this program.

Fall 2023 Program Information:

Our high school warm-up program for Fall 2023 is cancelled, and instead we encourage high school swimmers to register for Swim & Stay Fit. You'll get an hour-long workout 1 or 2 days/week geared towards your fitness and competition level. We have all ages at Swim & Stay Fit, including adults, so you'll have training partners that are a similar speed. Register here.

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