register-onlineSwimming is a vital, life-saving skill that every person should know!

Tsunami's swimming lessons curriculum was designed with the goal of having every participant complete a length of the pool with proper freestyle and backstroke. We've eliminated all of the fluff to focus on the important skills that will help prepare you or your child for competitive or fitness swimming. In accordance with Make A Splash guidelines, all LTS classes are 40 minutes.

2024 Summer Learn To Swim

Classes are held weekday mornings Monday-Thursday. Fridays are for weather make-ups, unless otherwise indicated.

Location: Ferry Farm Pool in Stafford
Cost: $105 for eight 40-minute classes
Step 1 & Step 2: 11:10am-11:50am
Step 3 & Step 4: 10:20am-11:00am
There are no adult lessons available during the Summer LTS Session.

Session 1:  June 10-13 and 17-20
Session 2:  June 24-27 and July 1-3 & 5 (no class July 4)
Session 3:  July 8-11 and 15-18

Participants in our classes will fall into one of the four steps below:

Step One
Swimmers are brand new to lessons, and all skills are supported. Instructors work on water adjustment to help participants become comfortable in the water. The biggest focus in this step is getting used to going underwater.

Step Two
These swimmers will go underwater but cannot swim freestyle or backstroke for more than 5 meters.  More emphasis is placed on independence in the water. Participants will work on floating and kicking skills, and must be able to swim five meters of freestyle and backstroke to continue.

divingStep Three
These swimmers can swim and float on their own, begin learning the basics of breathing and can swim more that 5 meters unassisted.  In this level participants gain more confidence through jumping in unassisted, perfecting their gliding and floating skills, and starting the basics of stroke technique. 

Step Four
Swimmers can kick the length of the pool with a kickboard, swim 15 meters on front and back, jump into deep water and swim to the side unassisted. Instruction will focus on rhythmic breathing and building endurance. To pass this level, participants must swim the entire pool length on both their front and back, and be able to kick the length of the pool unassisted.

Adult Lessons
For adults who want to learn the basics of swimming and gain comfort and confidence in the water. Class size is very limited for more personalized instruction. Please note: Adult lessons are available during the school year only at our indoor pool. We do not offer Adult LTS during the summer.


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