Masters Swimming

Choose the pay-in-full ($30 discount) or monthly payment options below.

You may register up to two masters swimmers at a time.

Please note - we ask for birthdate to verify that all registered swimmers are 18 years or older.


Tsunami will return to Fredericksburg Academy starting in September. Due to COVID-19, there will be some new rules in place for all swimmers:
  1. The front lobby and locker rooms are off limits.
  2. Swimmers must enter and exit the pool from the side doors only.
  3. Swimmers must arrive dressed to swim and change at home, no deck changing is allowed. 
  4. Spectators must observe social distancing while on deck or remain in the car during practice.
  5. Masks are required on deck at all times except while in the water.

Masters Pay in full 2020-21

$730/9 months

Pay once to swim at any practice for the full season, September through May. $30 discount is automatically applied.

Masters Payment Plan 2020-21

$95/1 month

Split your Masters fee into convenient monthly payments. The first payment will process immediately, with each subsequent payment processing one month later. 


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Please support our efforts to provide low-cost and free swimming lessons and equipment to children in our community!