Tsunami's Swim & Stay Fit offers 1-hour workouts once or twice a week for those who want to get in shape and improve their swimming technique throughout the year. It is open to adults and children age five and over who can swim a length of the pool on their own in freestyle and backstroke. Many summer swimmers use the program to stay in shape during the school year, and many families use the program as their weekly family workout.

If your swimmer doesn't know freestyle and backstroke yet, or can't swim a full 25 yards independently, then they can participate in the Learn to Swim program.

Skills that our coaches focus on in the Swim & Stay Fit Program include:

  • All four competitive strokes
  • Stroke technique and drills register online 1
  • Conditioning
  • Freestyle and backstroke flip turns
  • Breaststroke and butterfly open turns
  • Racing dives from pool side & the starting block

Upon completion of each session, participants will receive a certificate with their best times.

Fall 2024-Spring 2025 Schedule:

Coming soon!

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